Your future memories

The day of the baptism is of great importance for families and especially for the parents. To photograph the day of baptism is to tell a story and our role, as photographers, is to make the experience unforgettable and full of happiness. Inevitably as we create your future memories we are involved as a family, and for us, the well-being of the baby always comes first. Our experience as photographers allows us to advise the best so that they enjoy all the moments of the day in their fullness.

Special days

All baptism ceremonies are unique and special. The number of guests can vary from five people to two hundred. The story could last from two hours to a full day reportage. But we like to present to each event, a personalized proposal. We adapt easily to what we are asked for. Tell us what you want and we will respond accordingly.

If it's real, it's your story

In our documentary approach, we do not interfere with the development of the story. We respect your traditions, family, culture. However, we will always be near, ready to capture genuine moments, which happen the faithful side of the christening day.

Timeless. A visual heritage.

Photography is timeless. We look up to photography as a valuable memory. It´s impressive how an image can bring you back an event, feeling, a time capsule by its own. In the end, we want to deliver a collection that we're all proud of, a family document to cherish for years to come: your visual heritage.⁣

Our heart in the photographs

Photography has a tremendous impact on our lives. It is not only our day-to-day work, but it is also our passion in which we are guided by intuition, by learning, by vision, to create breathtaking memories . There is a piece of us in each image: we put the heart in your photographs.

Give and receive. The connection of everything.

Our pillars of education teach us that family, friendship and love are the most important. Giving and receiving is the connection. We are grateful when families welcome us and share their stories, we are honoured to be present, and trust us to create your photographs and your families at their best. We believe all this made us better people. We feel we are in the right place to do the right thing.


Below, you will find our packages

Pack 1


One photographer

5 hours reportage

High resolution files

Online - Delivery

Pack 2


One photographer

Full time reportage

High resolution files

USB Pen drive with a linen cover

10 X prints in fine-art paper

Pack 3


One photographer

Full time reportage

Family photoshoot

High resolution files

USB Pen drive with a linen cover

10 X prints in fine-art paper



Below, you can see some our latest works.



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If you prefer, you can call us:

Marco Santos Marques +351 918753370

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If you prefer, you can call us:

Marco Santos Marques +351 918753370 or Hélio Cristóvão +351 918238779